I really hate blogging

In Film on 01/12/2010 at 6:00 am

I don’t understand what it is with the relationship I have w/ blogging. It’s interesting though. I absolutely hate it sometimes but could honestly write up to seven posts in one sitting (just like my days in middle school when I used to write about nothing on my xanga account).

Well as for my discoveries recently…

1. Cry Misty for Me starring Clint Eastwood and Jessica Walter… was disappointing. I think mainly because I expected Jessica Walter to be the same crazy drunk she used to be in Arrested Development, but seriously, this movie was made in 1971, Lucille Bluth hadn’t even been created yet.

2. Possessed starring Joan Crawford was extremely amazing (currently I am a little Joan Crawford crazy). This isn’t the Possessed film Crawford did w/ Clark Gable when she was the prime example of a flapper girl, it’s years later in her career (1947 to be exact, post her Academy Award winning performance in Mildred Pierce). It was actually a bit spokey, much to my surprise, because rarely do we step upon classic films that are comparatively terrifying to today’s gory Saw series.

3. Once you turn 21 you’ll basically never be carded again. I’ve been to bars and liquor stores a few times… I’ve been carded once. Typical.

Okay, it’s almost one, I’m tired. Depending on my relationship with blogging tomorrow… maybe you’ll see me on here, maybe you won’t.


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