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In Photography on 02/11/2010 at 5:25 am

So, my family owns a wilderness awareness school out in the middle of nowhere (where I currently am living) and every year there’s usually an entirely new set of people that are embarking on a journey to discover a greater sense of community, better understanding of nature, etc. This year there have been people that pertain more to my interests (thank christ, because I have no friends in the area). One woman who is here is an artist, one of the first, I believe, that my families business has hired. ANYWAYS, to my point, she referred me to her friend, Jonathan Hollingsworth, who is doing some rather interesting work in photography out in L.A.

I really enjoyed looking at his series he did in all Polaroid film of the L.A. community members. The series titled ‘Everybody I meet in L.A.,’ expresses Hollingsworth’s ‘culture shock’ to his newest community members. You never really think about it until you leave your area, but when I left for college I was shocked by how differently everyone had lived before coming to college (I guess I had just assumed everyone had a cow for a neighbor).


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