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In websites on 02/11/2010 at 3:44 pm

I came across this site back in November, it’s pretty right on as far as who I am. Click here to visit the site. This website gives you an exact day (not year though) horoscope analysis of you life in regards to how good of a parent you’d be, what careers you’d flourish in, health, finances, etc. To see your reading click on the url and change it according to your birth date and month. Make sure you put a 0 in front of your date if it’s not a double digit!

Another great site that my friend Nina showed me when I was at Bennington is called SUCH A FUN WEBSITE. The site provides really interesting information. You can search names from different countries, search by meaning, or even what letter the name begins and ends with. Recently the website has been updated and it shows you pictures of other people with that name, gives you a list of bad nicknames that come along with the name, and also allows you to make a list of your names that you like so that other people can rate them. SUCH A COOL SITE.


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