Going insane in the mountains.

In Cooperstown on 02/12/2010 at 12:13 am

What would be considered a ‘nice break’ has been reaching its boiling point. I’m sure what’s not helping is the fact that I lack fast internet and the ability to communicate with others beyond my property line.

I’m so bored.

So what am I going to do?

Well, I have been getting on my case about not being so involved with the arts as I’d like to. I don’t necessarily mean connecting with local artists or organizations, I mean, developing my ideas for art and actually going through with my ideas. I suppose I’m out of ‘the flow.’ When I was at Bennington I was producing things left and right, discussing my work with my peers as well as professors, then learning about other artists to gain more insight and inspiration. I suppose I can’t get down on myself too much because I don’t have all of what I look for in a community, but I should still be able to produce something, right?

I’ve been thinking of doing a few projects, one based fear. Formally, I had been creating work that I considered to be ‘cute,’ ‘sexy,’ and ‘pleasant.’ It wasn’t until I developed an appreciation for Cindy Sherman that I drastically changed my expression (also during that time I was going through some family issues that I feel, maybe, allowed me to connect to Sherman’s work more). Two days ago I came across a flickr account where I woman did a series of for a final photography project based on people and their childhood stuffed animals. I thought it was a really cute idea, but for me, I like my viewers to gasp and say ‘oh my god,’ as opposed to ‘aw.’ I feel like getting an ‘oh my god’ as opposed an ‘aw’ is a lot more difficult, maybe? (not to belittle the photographers work I came across). Although and ‘oh my god’ could be said about a body of work that’s purely disturbing(*coughs* Larry Clark), which, also, could be easy for someone to do. I guess ‘oh my god’ is just something I PERSONALLY would rather hear. ANYWAYS (see how I ramble?) this fear project! I want to take black and white photographs of people with something they’re afraid of. What’s interesting about this project?

1. You can see what sort of things people are afraid of

2. The room for emotional expression in these photographs is tremendous!

I’m getting really excited for this project and it’s making me think about what I am really afraid of… there are a lot of things I could say I am afraid of that are silly (which then lends itself to being humorous or cute) like Republicans, the south, and Wal-Mart. But what is it that really makes me cringe? If I can even figure this out, what I even want to be photographed with it??? This is where the emotional aspect of this project is going to be intense (I think anyways).

Please, if you have any suggestions, send them over! I really would love some feedback as to how I could further develop ideas in with this photo series. I need to set up rules for myself, like, can people’s fears be so limitless as far as being a feeling such as loss to having their fears be something tangible? Personally, I’d rather stay away from emotions.

I’ve got to run for now, but please, please, please, please, please send me suggestions! I’m very interested in hearing about what your suggestions or take on this may be. Also tell me what you’re afraid of too, that might help me in developing this further!


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