So… I saw Dear John?

In D-List on 02/13/2010 at 6:05 am

Much to my surprise, Dear John was an alright film. I mean… I wasn’t ripping my hair out or hating the acting… Channing Tatum (extremely fun to look at, btw) is more of a legitimate actor than I thought… though I do think Amanda Seyfried could have been a bit less melodramatic, but I suppose how could she not since both characters were both very predictable and stereotypical of a typical love story (wealthy girl meets poor boy from broken home). I do have to say it’s a good version of a contemporary love story, note the word good, not great.

It was funny seeing the crowd of people in the theater… all middle-aged women who were having a ‘girls night out’ and to probably see the former exotic dance who at one time went by the name ‘Chan Crawford‘. Also… a few old hens (women over 60) were behind me and my friend Amanda, who were constantly commenting on the film… according to them IT WAS FABULOUS!


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