Crawford v. Dunaway

In Faye Dunaway, Joan Crawford on 02/15/2010 at 10:54 pm

Crawford v. Dunaway

I have a difficult time believing Faye Dunaway’s interpretation of Joan Crawford is at all close to reality. However, I do believe that maybe Joan Crawford wasn’t necessarily mother of the year (which I actually heard she won an award for somewhere). It’s difficult to really know whether or not Crawford was as violent as her daughter, Christina, made her out to be. When Christina asked for her twin sisters permission to use them in her book, the two declined as the completely disagreed with everything the book said. Also, one of Joan’s former husbands (either Franchot Tone or Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) stated ‘That wasn’t the Joan Crawford I knew.’ Key supports of Christina Crawford’s book were her brother, Christopher, and Hollywood rival, Bette Davis. I believe both Christopher Crawford and Davis has reasons for supporting Christina’s book if none of the book actually happened as Davis hated Crawford and Christopher was disinherited ‘for reasons which are well known.’

So will we ever know the truth of Joan Crawford’s parenting? I don’t know. At least Bette Davis’ daughter wrote her book tearing her mother to shreds (titled My Mother’s Keeper) while she was still alive to defend herself, while Christina did not.


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