PD! Robert Longo

In Photographers, Photography on 02/17/2010 at 4:31 pm

This weeks Photography Discovery (PD) is on Robert Longo. Longo graduated from Buffalo State College in 1975 (where he also wen to school with photographer, Cindy Sherman). Longo became well connected in the underground artist community in the late 1970’s after he and a group of friends opened Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo, New York, but later lead him to move to New York City.

My most favorite body of work created by Longo is called ‘Men in the Cities.’ Longo gathered close friends (including Sherman) and placed them on a roof where he’d throw tennis balls at them so as to get their bodies to take dramatic positions while trying to avoid being hit. My most favorite image of his is of Sherman, her face is dramatically covered by her arms and her hips jut out. I believe I read that these were printed life size from lithographs, which is pretty awesome.

A lot of Longo’s original work is for sale on eBay (for thousands of dollars)… if only I had money…


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