Little Brown Mushroom Blog

In websites on 02/18/2010 at 4:17 pm

So, I’ve been out there exploring the blog world a bit more and I discovered one of my favorite photographer’s (Alec Soth) blogs Little Brown Mushroom. The blog, which he contributes to with a few other artists, is so tastefully put together (unlike mine) and has a really interesting aesthetic. At the bottom of a contributors upload a copy of their written signature, which gives there blog a ‘homier’ and more of a direct connection to the contributor and their post.

I’ve had a blog in mind called Popular Notion that I have been wanting to create, which discusses different photographers, painters, installation artists, video artists, and printmakers. Then I thought on weekends I could post short stories, either classic or newly written stories by aspiring literature majors. But for now, looking at people’s blogs like Alec Soth’s and others, is probably just what I should continue to do while I think about what I’d really enjoy writing about and discussing with the internet world!

Also, check out Alec Soth’s blogger!


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