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Last summer I came across a series that photographer Richard Avedon did for Blackglama Fur and I bought a few of the images off of eBay, which has quite a few for sale. Here are two that I bought of Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Crawford. I have another one of Lauren Bacall but I can’t find it on the web right now… enjoy!

  1. Check out a podcast called “The Age of Persuasion” if you haven’t heard about it. Season 5, episode “Luxury Marketing.” Great story about the Black Glama campaign!

  2. Richard Avedon shot this photo. It was a long shoot; nothing seemed to work: Avedon and Stanwyck were both frustrated. Finally Barbara Stanwyck spun around and swore – Avedon snapped a photo right at that moment. At first she was reluctant to consent publication, but was told, “You can look like an average Hollywood star, or you can look like Barbara Stanwyck” “Run it.” she replied.

    CBC’s Age Of Persuasion podcast (Season 5, Jan 15/11)

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