Men’s Fashion Advice from Details Magazine for Summer 2010 Pt. II

In fashion on 02/21/2010 at 6:31 pm

The men’s necklace necklace is making a come back this summer with interesting details on how to choose the right length, pendant, and when it’s time to trim your chest hair… which was an unexpected component to the article.


It’s suggested the necklace be either bronze or silver, which high-end designers are making bank on as preferred objects for the necklaces are object usually found in your junk drawer. The prices range from (according to those listed by Details) $80 necklace to Gucci’s $1,385 necklace…

The object on the necklace is supposed to hang five inches directly below the Adam’s apple, which is an averaged length of 22 inches.

‘The rule of thumb’ for chest hair when wearing necklaces is that it’s time to trim if the hair on your chest is thick above you second undone button. To get rid of your chest hair don’t wax it, don’t put Nair on… please, or closely shave it as you’re supposed to ‘trim the forest, not raze it’.


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