Men’s Fashion Advice from Details Magazine for Summer 2010 Pt. III

In fashion on 02/21/2010 at 9:24 pm

We have come a long way from the Caesar haircut,  (you know, the one where guys gelled their hair spiked the front? Maybe even got frosted tips? Well, if not you, I know the look all to well…) the current trend upwards! Guys are trimming the sides of their head while allowing the top to grow ‘skyward’ as Details puts it calling it ‘the postmodern.’


This hairstyle for men is not one that should look ‘tidy,’ the sides are supposed to be cropped to about half an inch while the top is no more than four inches. I’ve had a hairstyle similar to this one for about a year and have found it suits me well because I have a ’rounder’ face, which now looks semi-elongated since my hair isn’t laying flat on my head.

Suggested products-

Grooming Cream from Bumble and Bumble ($25)

Sleek Finish Texture Cream  by Jack Black ($16)


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