Good ‘Ol Cooperstown, New York

In Cooperstown on 03/07/2010 at 4:35 pm

This town I often refer to as ‘wretched,’ holds not so true to the typical small town stereotype, especially for Upstate New York. A typical Upstate New York town contains abandoned farms, motels, and houses scattered throughout the communities boarders (though Cooperstown may have a few), which gather little to no appeal to the outside visitor. However, Cooperstown, which was once known as ‘the museum village,’ is home to The National Baseball Hall of Fame, The Farmer’s Museum, The Fenimore House, and a lot of colonial history, which is archived (fictionally) in James Fenimore Cooper’s novels.

When I compare Cooperstown to New York City, yeah, it’s pretty lame, especially for an aspiring gay artist, where love interests are non-existent and galleries are few. But as for a place to visit, it’s quaint, an escape, and beautiful. Why am I writing this stupid piece about a town I loath? I don’t know, probably because I saw I had 0 visitors yesterday and you all know how I like breaking my visitor records (which is a high of 39… woo). So yeah, if you’re bored, and you are my friend, come visit and get away from wherever you are… I’m bored.


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