In Lady Gaga, Music on 03/11/2010 at 9:36 pm

As all of the world has, I have too become increasingly interested in Lady Gaga. Since her release of Bad Romance in November of last year she’s been everywhere. I, personally, think that she has gotten more attention since Bad Romance as more recently it has been proven that anyone (*coughs* Ke$ha) can ‘dazzle’ mainstream audiences with a first album, but can they amaze AND dazzle us with a second album? Well, ladies and gentlemen, Lady Gaga did. Her futuristic tunes, her platinum blond hair, and outlandish couture clothing are definitely here to stay. Though… I wouldn’t at all mind seeing Gwen Stefani fight over how her ‘look’ was taken away. Stefani’s album Sweet Esscape, which was released in December of 2006, featured a collection of music videos where Stefani had very contemporary hairstyles, was featured in rooms carpeted in gold, and wore the latest fashions by high-end designers. Stefani definitely had a niche in the music world, which has most definitely been stomped on, stomped on by Lady Gaga’s Steve McQueen shoes, most definitely. However, one thing Lady Gaga hasn’t monopolized is Gwen Stefani’s famed Asians, though, one could argue that Lady Gaga’s Great Danes are a supplement to Stefani’s signature harlequins. Hopefully we will see more of Gwen Stefani… but when we do, it’ll be in a completely different light.


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