One big… WTF?

In Film, Sandra Bullock on 03/12/2010 at 1:46 am

If you were like me on Sunday night, you were thinking WTF? when Sandra Bullock won best actress… BEST actress? I mean… yeah, she’s an ‘actress,’ but BEST the actress of 2009? I guess I can’t really knock her until I’ve seen the movie… but considering the kinds of movies she plays in normally… romantic comedies… chick flicks… I guess the people picking this year were lame single women and lame single gays (I can say that, I’m gay). If we keep going at this rate of choosing the talentless over the talented (Meryl Streep, lovez hur) Miley Cyrus, Hillary Duff, and other Disney twinks will be lining up for their golden Oscars in the years to come.


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