iPhone and Apps

In Technology on 03/15/2010 at 3:49 pm

So, my reason for delayed blogging is because I got an iPhone on Saturday… which is (not surprisingly) absorbing (thankfully) a lot of the available time I have. I think now that I have one I will write little burps about interesting applications I find… since there are SO many of them out there and it’s sometimes hard to find really great ones. Also, if you’ve got any suggestions for ones I should check out, let me know, I only have a few and room for a lot more!

Mixology: ($FREE$) This app allows you to search all kinds of drinks by categories (such as non-alcoholic beverages, hot drinks, cocktails, martinis, punches, and shooters), you can also search by ingredients, save favorites (mine include cosmos, white russians, liquid cocaine, mojitos and so on), definitely an app worth checking out!

Phone Flicks: ($FREE$) This one allows me to edit my Netflix list (which I am always doing).

The Game of Life: ($2.99) This I actually think is better than the board game, there are a lot more careers, life choices, and random stuff additives that the board game doesn’t have, definitely worth getting.


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