Marie Antoinette

In fashion, Film on 03/15/2010 at 4:32 pm

If Karl Lagerfeld could shit a film (or if he could shit at all considering his diet consists of artificial sweeteners an a meager 1,200 calories daily, click here for his diet) he would shit Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. Released in 2006 I remember dashing to the theater in Albany to see it. I remember loving it to death mainly due to the fashion and the music (strip the film of that… and you’ve got just Kirsten Dunst… and honestly… who wants that?) which I think is the reason everyone else enjoyed this film. This film really isn’t a ‘film’ as the main story is simply exhausting the audience with the obvious that… yeah, Marie Antoinette has a lot more money than you or I, she, even though dead, will always have more shoes, clothes, and have eaten more fine pastries (without gaining a pound, I might add) than you or I will ever in our entire lives (I know… sad, but true), but as a document expressing the capabilities of fashion designers (which it won an Oscar for), pastry chefs, and creative executives, it was amazing, it’s definitely something you dream of. Why am I talking about Marie Antoinette all of a sudden? Because it’s missing on my shelf and I’m wanting to watch it! Usually after seeing a movie that destroyed my expectations I always wish to return to the moments where I thought so highly of the trailer and to when I was trying to convince my mom it was a movie I HAD to see, those feelings, for me, are so much more valuable after having seen a disappointing film.


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