Evil, thy name is Anne

In Anne Hathaway, D-List, Film on 03/17/2010 at 9:04 pm

The last $8.50 I wasted at the movie theater (Alice in Wonderland) featured my least favorite Disney star, Anne Hathaway. This clown faced hoe has ruined almost every possible movie she’s been in, destroying any likelihood that I would be able to enjoy her co-stars or the film in general. Why Ang Lee decided to cast Hathaway in Brokeback Mountain I will never understand (though… I will admit it was one of her better performances). I have a feeling my great dislike for Anne Hathaway sprouts from her stupidity in The Princess Diaries and The Princess Diaries pt. 2 WHY WOULD YOU RATHER STAY POOR IN SAN FRAN THAN BE THE QUEEN OF AUSTRIA SOMEDAY???????????????? Also, why on earth would you NOT want to live with Julie Andrews? Uh… she would be the BEST Grandmother. She sings, she dances, she’s even got an Oscar (well, I guess she didn’t in the movie, maybe that was the catch).

Also, a message to Vogue. If you EVER put her on the cover again, I will never purchase your magazine. Last winter she was featured on the cover of their January issue, which contain interesting articles but I wouldn’t buy it because her massive face covered the entire cover of the damn magazine!

And people… brace yourselves, as this talentless actress continues to strut her stuff as The Princess Diaries pt. 3 will be released in 2013… I’m really hoping 2012 takes care of the ending of humanity before this picture is ever released to the public.

….Evil, thy name is Anne.


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