That’s One Expensive V

In D-List on 03/18/2010 at 5:07 pm

I use to really like Jennifer Love Hewitt, especially at the height of her career (her really short career)  when she was in Heartbreakers, featuring Sigourney Weaver, Gene Hackman and Ray Liotta. But after that you’d see the d-list star randomly appearing on the red carpet for no good reason or being interviewed on talk shows. About two months ago she appeared on the George Lopez talk show where she introduced her new book, she had this little interesting tidbit to share with us…

“After a breakup, a friend of mine Swarovski-crystalled my precious lady,” she said. “It shined like a disco ball so I have a whole chapter in there on how women should vajazzle their vajayjays.”

…she probably spent thousands of dollars on what she hopes to become a new fashion trend amongst women…

First of all, we’re in a recession and NO ONE is going to spend the money to put Swarovski-crystals on their ‘precious-lady,’ especially when the only person who is going to see them is the person that has them, their toilet, and their lover (if they even have one, which in Love Hewitt’s case… she doesn’t). Second of all unless a new trend is about to surprised me where women are going to be flashing their vagina’s just so we can get a peak at how glamorous it is down-under… I don’t think that this trend of Love Hewitt’s will be picking up anytime soon… (or at least I hope not).

If you even care to see the interview from the George Lopez show, click here

And also, her book titled The Day I shot Cupid will be released sometime this month


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