Off to Florida… but I leave you with this!

In Weird on 04/07/2010 at 12:51 pm

Tomorrow I am leaving for Florida, I’m going to be staying in a retirement community my Grandparents stay at called The Villages (click here to see it), which means I’ll probably be quite frequently blogging until we go to Disney world on the 17th-23rd. If you know/knew my family… you’d know that they’re OBSESSED with going to Disney world. “Hey wanna go to Ireland instead of Disney world?” “ugh… NO, lets go to Disney World for the SIXTH TIME.” Don’t get me wrong, Disney world is fun… but I didn’t think I’d go six times in a 21 year time period.

Anyways, I meant to post this article last night, I found it when I was riding on the stationary bike, it’s hilarious/mad gross! Apparently a mother and daughter passed all sorts of airport security with the mother’s 91 year old husband WHO WAS DEAD the entire time as they attempted to pass him off sleeping. At one point one of the airport employees tried to lift the man back into his wheelchair, the dead mans face slammed against his, which he says was “Ice cold.” The mother and daughter were arrested, are continuously arguing that they didn’t know he was dead… I mean… maybe they didn’t know he wasn’t dead… but they put sunglasses over his eyes and who gives a sleeping person sunglasses?

Click here to see the whole article.


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