Hatez this/Lovez that

In Hatez this/Lovez that on 04/09/2010 at 4:25 pm

Every week I plan on doing an article I call ‘Hatez this/Lovez that,’ just so that there’s SOME sort of consistency with this damn blog of mine.

Has anyone heard of Y’all Magazine? All it basically covers is republican politics and new country album releases (ugh ugh). Y’all Magazine is just about as widespread in the South as Vogue is in the North… which is unfortunate because it says a lot about what people down here enjoy reading… Also, check out the Y’all Shop… it’s a pretty good laugh considering I’m sure some asshole is out there wearing that stupid shirt.

So anyways, my point is… hatez it.

Did anyone see the new Vanity Fair? LOVEZ IT! VF is featuring Grace Kelly on the cover of their May issue as London’s Victoria and Albert Museum is featuring an exhibit displaying her clothes from her days as Hollywood Royalty to actual royalty when she married the prince of Monaco.



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