Matt Denison


In weed on 04/20/2010 at 5:49 pm

So I am still at Disney World, where I am not particularly having the greatest time (we’ll get back to the another day). We don’t have free wireless internet, but I figured the $10 was well worth it to post about my most favorite holiday, 420. Today is probably the first time I’ve ever wanted to be friends with the ghetto kids wearing wife beaters, backwards caps, and baggy jean shorts as they are probably the only people here celebrating today while walking down the walking trail passing a blunt between one another… ugh jealous.

AOL posted a great article today on Facebook (click here for their fan page and click here for their article) about Americans (and people around the world) breaking the law and lighting up together. One individual reported “It’s the day when marijuana smokers come out of the closet.” In Sacramento, California the El Camino Wellness Center sold discounted marijuana for $4.20 an 8th as opposed to the average $60.

I wish I could say I am celebrating this holiday with the rest of my fellow 420-ers, but instead I got drunk at the pool. HAPPY 420 EVERYONE!


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