Sequels Sequels and more Sequels!

In Film on 05/12/2010 at 11:32 am

Remember 2002’s Charlie’s Angels ‘Full Throttle?” Unfortunately, I do. I watched it last night before bed and the movie made me feel so old, because of wedged heals, Bernie Mac still alive, massive cell phones, ugly desktop computers, and the once existent careers of Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz (Does Drew Barrymoore even still have a career?). To get back to my point of ‘sequels,’ eight years later Paramount decides it is time to revitalize these former babe’s acting careers with a 3rd Charlie’s Angels. Unfortunately this is going to be the third time they’re going to have to change their ‘Bosley’ character (Bill Murray to Bernie Mac to ?). It’s even rumored that there will be a fourth Charlie’s Angel… who Perez Hilton is hoping to be Megan Fox.

2010’s second sequel is Austin Powers four. As the Austin Powers trilogy has been… quite a ride… it’s a ride I don’t seem to be able to get off. I will watch Austin Powers again and again and again, the jokes about poop and etc. never seem to get old. Apparently, Austin Powers four is supposed to be more about Dr. Evil than Austin this time, or maybe more balanced between the two? I’d also like to see how Fast Bastard has been able to keep the weight off all these years with his subway diet. Maybe he’s switched to the taco bell diet?


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