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I went to the MET yesterday for my Light Color and Design class, don’t get me wrong, I like Monet, but I really wanted to break away from my class and look at photographs! Thankfully, we all had an hour to explore the museum (not enough time, btw) so I went right to their very very small photography section and found one piece that really stuck out to me by Valie Export. Export is a Austrian based artist (her name is typically written all in capital letters) who put together a series titled ‘Body Configurations,’ which is based upon-

“matching of the curve of the body to the abstract and rational ’roundness’ of an architectural element. This process deflates the body to the status of a spatial component, nothing more than an element in a lifeless sculpture, an element which, in Valie Export’s words, ‘hides its wound’.”

Export is not only heavily involved in photography, but she’s also worked w/ film, body performance, film installations, and so on. Click here for her wikipedia and click here to become a fan of Valie Export of facebook!



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Alexander McQueen circa 1999

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Alexander McQueen, Spring/Summer 1999

Skip to 00:35, it’s awesome.

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After about three years of coming up with the idea of Popular Notion my friend Nina Swistel and I are finally putting it together! Click here for more about Popular Notion!

From the man that created Alejandro

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