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Ohhhh Myyyyy Godddd

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Discovered this site late last night.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 9.02.39 AM

All I can picture is three of these portraits hanging in my hallways of Mason, India and Petra, haha. Click here to see more of their work!


new work

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Based on the Myth of the Fisher King

Blackglama 2.0

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I was just check the statistics on my blog and saw that I had the highest amount of activity a few days ago on a post I did on Blackglama (I’m assuming that maybe it has something to do with the 1960’s obsession American’s are now having, myself included). BonjourLapin showed me a great podcast from The Age of Persuasion on Luxury Advertising, definitely worth giving a listen to! (click here)

New Photography 2010 Exhibit at MoMA

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Amanda Ross-Ho

Alex Prager

Roe Ethridge

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Glory at Sea

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My video teacher at Pratt showed us this film, they made it for about $25,000, it’s so awesome!

The aesthetics and music are what I find to be the most striking, it’s visually stunning.

Need to do more blogging…

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Summer and school, as I predicted,  ended my habitual blogging, but I’d like to try and pick it up again, maybe start writing a little more personally about projects, things I’m doing at school, work that inspires me, and blah blah.

Currently I have a few projects I’m working on, I’m in the process of putting together a subway shoot, not sure what I am going to do for costumes yet, because Bennington had a sick costume dept., but New York is most definitely filled w/ some great thrift stores that I’ll just have to pour through one day. I just recently met w/ my Art History professor and discussed one of my ideas for a photo shoot where I’d be referencing iconic sculptors and paintings then modernize them to depict America’s current social infrastructure. I’m going to include pieces like Lady Justice, the Abraham Lincoln Memorial statue, American Gothic, and etc. I’m a little pissed at Pratt because I can’t check out lights, medium format cameras, or use the lighting studio because I’m in a ‘foundations,’ course… so I’ll have to try and figure out a way around the system.


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I went to the MET yesterday for my Light Color and Design class, don’t get me wrong, I like Monet, but I really wanted to break away from my class and look at photographs! Thankfully, we all had an hour to explore the museum (not enough time, btw) so I went right to their very very small photography section and found one piece that really stuck out to me by Valie Export. Export is a Austrian based artist (her name is typically written all in capital letters) who put together a series titled ‘Body Configurations,’ which is based upon-

“matching of the curve of the body to the abstract and rational ’roundness’ of an architectural element. This process deflates the body to the status of a spatial component, nothing more than an element in a lifeless sculpture, an element which, in Valie Export’s words, ‘hides its wound’.”

Export is not only heavily involved in photography, but she’s also worked w/ film, body performance, film installations, and so on. Click here for her wikipedia and click here to become a fan of Valie Export of facebook!

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After about three years of coming up with the idea of Popular Notion my friend Nina Swistel and I are finally putting it together! Click here for more about Popular Notion!


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