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to a very special Lady on her 24th

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Happy 24th Birthday, Lady Gaga!

Click here to read her Wikipedia page and click here to read about the hidden meaning behind Lady Gaga’s Telephone.


Gaga to be Assassin for Tarantino Film

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If you’re a fan of Netflix on Facebook (click here for the fan page) you’ll receive random updates on rumored remakes, films in productions, and so on. Today Netflix posted an article (click here to see it) suggesting Quentin Tarantino, after seeing Lady Gaga’s Telephone music video, is interested in casting Lady Gaga as his next female assassin. Do I think this is a good idea? Of course I do! Do I think she’ll be a good actress? No, not at all. Mixing musicians with film is something often attempted but has never been able to properly function as a legitimate film (If you don’t believe me, see MTV’s 2001 film Glitter starring Mariah Carey). But who knows, Lady Gaga has been a very revolutionary person in the music world… maybe she can remove the stereotype of singers being bad actress. I’d sure like to be wrong with this one.

When Gaga Upset God

In Crazy Christians, Lady Gaga on 03/17/2010 at 10:42 am

As Beyonce would say “You’ve been a very bad girl! A very very bad bad girl, Gaga!” How dare she offend God? Of all people… (I hope you can sense my sarcasm as I am an atheist). According to Meghan Phelps-Roper, granddaughter of Westboro Baptist Church minister, Fred Phelps, Lady Gaga is the closest thing to the Devil on Earth.

“Even as she gives lip-service to ‘liberating’ her young fans, Lady Gaga brings them into slavery to their own corruption, teaching them to glory in their shame. She hates you! ‘For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantonness… While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption!’ 2 Pet. 2:18-19 YOU’RE GOING TO HELL,” says a statement published by Phelps-Roper.

Crazy ol’ Phelps-Roper has even created her own version of Poker Face which can be seen here. I don’t know about you guys but I definitely love a crazy God lover like this that says anything remotely flamboyant or reflects an expression of sexuality is the Devil’s work.

Also, if loving God means looking like Phelps-Roper… I’m definitely fine following Lady Gaga and the Devil as flat hair and trashy sunglasses have never and will never be in. Obviously she hasn’t seen Telephone otherwise she would be gluing cigarettes to her sunglasses and wrapping her Grandfather’s rotary dial phone around her head. I think we’ve just met the ‘crazy’ of the decade, but then again.. it has just begun.

OUT MAGAZINE ft. Lady Gaga’s Prison Girlfriend

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I know, I keep posting articles about Lady Gaga, but here’s an article I found on OUT featuring an interview with Lady Gaga’s prison girlfriend, Heather Cassils. Click here to read the article!

Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga’s latest song Telephone featuring Beyonce was probably one of the best/bizarre music videos I have ever seen. Based on Lady Gaga’s fear of suffocation she wrote a song about how she’d rather be on the dance floor than talk to her boyfriend on the telephone… kind of weird, but overall the whole song works. Amongst the oddities featured in this video you can tell a lot of big or failing companies put their hand in this video as I’m sure they knew it’d be watched by millions over and over again. Virgin Mobile, Wonderbread, Diet Coke, Miracle Whip, and Polaroid (which Lady Gaga is Creative Director for a Specialty Line) were featured continuously throughout the video either hoping to gain more popularity or to continue their familiarity with the younger generations.

When I first saw Just Dance, which was released in the summer of 2008 I thought her choice of sunglasses were amazing/ridiculous… but when I saw her choice for Telephone she brought my definition of ‘amazing/ridiculous’ to an entirely new level. Half smoked cigarette sunglasses came out of no where as she walked into exercise  yard… I’m still not exactly sure what the hell they mean… or if they mean anything at all.

I’m excited for the possibility of an extreme fashion movement due to the choices Lady Gaga makes in her music videos. I really hope to see a rise in popularity of men wearing makeup, hats, unnecessarily bizarre sunglasses, and… well maybe not platformed shoes, I still have an image of all the losers in second grade trying to look like Posh Spice… it’s such a 90’s thing.

Read more about Telephone on its wikipedia page here

and watch Telephone by clicking here


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Lady Gaga’s latest music video Telephone ft. Beyonce is now on Youtube! Click here to watch!


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As all of the world has, I have too become increasingly interested in Lady Gaga. Since her release of Bad Romance in November of last year she’s been everywhere. I, personally, think that she has gotten more attention since Bad Romance as more recently it has been proven that anyone (*coughs* Ke$ha) can ‘dazzle’ mainstream audiences with a first album, but can they amaze AND dazzle us with a second album? Well, ladies and gentlemen, Lady Gaga did. Her futuristic tunes, her platinum blond hair, and outlandish couture clothing are definitely here to stay. Though… I wouldn’t at all mind seeing Gwen Stefani fight over how her ‘look’ was taken away. Stefani’s album Sweet Esscape, which was released in December of 2006, featured a collection of music videos where Stefani had very contemporary hairstyles, was featured in rooms carpeted in gold, and wore the latest fashions by high-end designers. Stefani definitely had a niche in the music world, which has most definitely been stomped on, stomped on by Lady Gaga’s Steve McQueen shoes, most definitely. However, one thing Lady Gaga hasn’t monopolized is Gwen Stefani’s famed Asians, though, one could argue that Lady Gaga’s Great Danes are a supplement to Stefani’s signature harlequins. Hopefully we will see more of Gwen Stefani… but when we do, it’ll be in a completely different light.

Sunglasses by Carrera for summer 2010?

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Featured in Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance and Rihanna’s Rude Boy music videos both artists are wearing ‘sunglasses by Carrera,’ which is an Italian sports sunglasses company. Just a thought, but maybe these music videos are secretly telling us that over sized aviators are in for summer ’10?