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Alejandro has finally been released!

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Alejandro preview

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Alejandro (finally) is being released on Monday (a week late according to a statement Lady Gaga made at a concert) and the Alejandro video preview is 200,000 views shy on reaching 2 million views after being released only a few days ago on Larry King Live.

I am really excited for this video because #1 who the hell doesn’t love Lady Gaga’s videos? #2 Stephen Klein’s work is some of the most controversial fashion photography out there, as I believe it was his work that led Spain to ban Dolce & Gabbana’s ad campaigns from their country, HA.

Vintage Guys

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I found some of these ‘homoerotic’ photographs on Flickr (click here to see the set). You can definitely see where artist Tom of Finland got his inspiration!

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Tumblr: Dirty Deeds

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Found these great pictures on a tumblr called ‘Dirty Deeds

Gaga’s inspiration?

Well… I wasn’t surprised.

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We all knew this was coming (if you didn’t you’re probably blind and deaf). I felt like a kid from my high school FINALLY came out, one who you always suspected to be gay. Well ladies and gentlemen, Ricky Martin is now saying ‘I am a homosexual man.’ I for one, can predict this years gay pride will be bigger and better as Ricky Martin’s coming out is not something that should go uncelebrated.

Now after collecting the public’s attention it would be a shame for Mr. Martin not to release a new album as every gay man in this country would be lining up at FYE, Best Buy, and eagerly loading iTunes to download the latest Latin Pop tunes. I look forward to it, Ricky, this summers dance tunes better be great!

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Click here to see 2000’s hit She Bangs

OUT MAGAZINE ft. Lady Gaga’s Prison Girlfriend

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I know, I keep posting articles about Lady Gaga, but here’s an article I found on OUT featuring an interview with Lady Gaga’s prison girlfriend, Heather Cassils. Click here to read the article!