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Alejandro has finally been released!

Click here for the video!


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Today Lady Gaga is FINALLY releasing the highly anticipated music video, Alejandro (I also promise that once the damn video comes out I’ll ‘cool it’ with Lady Gaga posts for a bit).

Alejandro will be released at 12 PM est on

Untitled Lady Gaga #1

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I worked on this video for about a month… I was stupid and should have waited for Alejandro to be released…

Alejandro preview

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Alejandro (finally) is being released on Monday (a week late according to a statement Lady Gaga made at a concert) and the Alejandro video preview is 200,000 views shy on reaching 2 million views after being released only a few days ago on Larry King Live.

I am really excited for this video because #1 who the hell doesn’t love Lady Gaga’s videos? #2 Stephen Klein’s work is some of the most controversial fashion photography out there, as I believe it was his work that led Spain to ban Dolce & Gabbana’s ad campaigns from their country, HA.


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Lady Gaga released a still from her latest unreleased music video, Alejandro. I’m assuming Alejandro will be released sometime in June, which is not to be the sequel for March’s hit, Telephone. Alejandro has been directed by fashion photographer Steven Klein who’s work has been  featured famously in Vogue, W Magazine, and Vanity Fair.

“She can be seen lying on top of one young man while the others – all sporting black bowl cuts – crouch around and on top of her.

Famous fashion photographer Steven Klein is directing the video for her new song, which Gaga has denied will be a sequel to her hit promo for the track Telephone featuring Beyonce.

Lady Gaga declared it would be “a beautiful video” but added that “like all my videos, I really don’t know what it will look like until it’s finished.”

“[Steven] is a great friend of mine, and I love him so much and have so much respect for him,” she said.

“We’ve been so excited to collaborate…and tell a story of my music through his lens.”

Alejandro is taken from the album The Fame Monster.”

GAGA smokes a fag

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Apparently Lady Gaga’s concert in Vancouver, Canada was considered ‘controversial’ due to her smoking on stage during a performance. I suppose it was sort of glorifying cigarettes a bit (especially because it’s fucking Lady Gaga), but who the hell doesn’t love a good fag during times of high stress?

GAGA FT. in V Magazine

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Hot Like Mexico

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Lady Gaga’s next music video Alejandro, directed by fashion photographer Steven Klein, is said not to be the sequel to Telephone… which I am desperately awaiting. It will be interesting to see how Klein creates this music video as Lady Gaga has hired professional music video artists and filmmakers. (Below is an photograph he took for Dolce & Gabbana)

I think Alejandro may be the most interesting yet… I don’t know I feel about the song (click here to listen), there’s a few parts (like when she says hot like Mexico) that make me just LOVE the song, but other than that, it’s a little bizarre.

… Lady Gaga … don’t let me down.

Gaga Amongst Most Influential People of 2010

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Today Lady Gaga posted a link to Time Magazine where they’re allowing people to vote for who they believe to be the most influential people of 2010 (click here for the link). Her latest music video Telephone proved her artistic capabilities as far as being able to change what people think of contemporary music videos, which she succeeded greatly in doing (click here for how they changed the music videos). To officially say she’s changed the music video scene, we need to see other artists doing similar work and also see if she continues down this revolutionary path, otherwise, she’s just made one unique music video.